Lighting a fire is just the best. I love it. There's always an argument over who gets to light the fire when I go camping with friends a family. Everyone wants to do it. Well. Here's how to be the best fire starter of them all:

You will need:

Tinder (small twigs, dry leaves, grass, pine needles) just make sure it is DRY.

Kindling - small sticks again DRY

Fuel - this is the stuff that'll keep your fire burning. Logs etc. Oh, did I mention? Best if they are DRY.

Loosely pile the tinder in the spot you want your fire. Then layer it with kindling. There's debate (and always will be) about the best way to place the kindling. I like to build a little kindling tipi.

Finally, light the tinder. Use a fire lighter if you like to be fancy, otherwise matches or a lighter tend to do the trick.

As the fire grows add more tinder to get it started, and blow into the bottom of the fire (i.e. beneath the flames) to give it more air and increase the fire.  Add kindling and firewood to keep it going.

Remember to put it out properly when you're done and make sure you've got water nearby in case it gets out of hand.