I’m more of a leisure cyclist than a lycra clad racer, but occasionally I like to head out on a long(er) distance bike ride than the usual 20 minute commute.

And whilst I’m a lover of analog navigation sometimes you just want to get on your bike and cycle, and not have to stop and unfold a mass of paper the size of your bike to check where you are.

Enter the Finn phone mount. It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Made by the brilliant Bike Citizens it stretches like a bungee to keep your phone securely attached to your handlebars. Best bit? Nothing sticks. It doesn’t have to be permanently mounted to your bike or your phone. So when you’re done, you just whip it off and stuff it in your pocket.

In a market where many outdoor gadgets are designed with less thought for style than substance, it’s a genius product that considers both. It's deal for those of us who live in small spaces and don’t have a room or garage to store all our outdoor bits in or risk leaving lights and accessories attached to our bikes, and it looks good too. Plus it would make a great stocking filler...